Hiking in Bolivia

So you wanted to go Hiking...In Bolivia the opportunities abound to go to many various areas. During my two years as a volunteer I had the fortune of living at the base of the Andes Mountains. 20,000 foot peaks were within an hours bike ride. Hikes into the jungles were a mere 4 hours away. Needless to say I took advantage and went to many places.

Climb Huayna Potosi, 6088 meters.

Travel from the Continental Divide or cumbre outside of La Paz (5270m) down to the tropical village of Coroico (1200m) on the Choro Trail

A few shots of our attepmt to summit Mt Illimani (6422)

Trekking from the base of Illimani up and over the cumbre and down into the tropical village of Chulumani, the home of coca growing.