Jeff Lovelace's Travels With Co-Ayni

Co-Ayni- Who are they? Co-Ayni is a grassroots development agency that works to bring together the peoples of the Altiplano, Yungas y Valles to exchange information and to seek better ways of life. I worked as a Peace Corps Volunteer very closely with the Directorship of Co-Ayni. We worked in the three different climate regions of the La Paz Department.

The Altiplano-

Chuñavi- My base of operations

Provincia Villaroel- Working to provide better schooling options and improve agricultural practices.

Peruvian Border- Working to construct 'taqanas" or terracing with the community to avoid erosion and maintain soil quality.

The Yungas-

Villa Florida- Surveying the possibility of building a road into the jungle with which to extract agricultural products

Caranavi- Working with the Coca Leaf producers

The Valles-

MocoMoco- Working to construct "taqanas" for prevention of soil erosion and to increase crop productivity.

Provincia Loayza- Evaluating, surveying and documenting the status of the vineyards