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Travelling with Co-Ayni to MocoMoco

Distribution of MaterialsIn November of 1996 we traveled to MocoMoco, a 12 hour journey from La Paz on dirt roads, what else is there. MocoMoco was selected to participate in our project to revitalize the terrace system of farming that was extensively used in the past, or 200 years ago, by the Aymaran Farmers. Along with agricultural processes we hoped to recapture and write down stories and traditions that only existed in the minds of the grandparents.

Old Aymara women We worked with young and old alike. The children helped to distribute materials, bring water and help with the food. The older community members told us their stories. How life was in the past before the advent of electricity and motor vehicles. They told us tales of travelling 6 hrs by foot to get to the Peruvian Border to attend the weekly market. Here they traded produce from the valleys with that of the altiplano. Here un anciano signs her story, by a thumbprint!

Terrace ConstructionThrough rain and sun we constructed the terraces. What once was a hillside was soon transformed into a terraced hillside. Corn that was once planted on the inclined hillside could now be planted on a level surface. When the rains came, no longer would they wash away the vital topsoil and nutrients.

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