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Travelling with Co-Ayni to Provincia Loayza

The Loayza Province Valley Provincia Loayza and the communities of zzzz and xxxx lie 8 to 14 hrs away from La Paz, depending on the weather. Prov Loayza is one of the larger grape and peach producing areas. Many of the La Paz citizens consume produce from this far afield town.

Local Transportation River CrossingTo get to this province we took many forms of transportation. The first being what everyone else takes, the local delivery truck. When the rivers were too high we had to cross by foot. There were no bridges, neither for cars nor people.

Campesino with grapes We discovered that the vineyards are succombing to a disease that is attacking the vines. We went to document the disease, talk with the farmers with hopes of using the documentation to sway the Bolivian Governement to aid us financially in eradicating the disease.

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